Post-holiday appliance, furniture sales slow

Although they’ve generally been on the decline over the past few weeks compared to the holiday period, household appliance purchasing gained slightly in proportion of consumers buying them in stores for the seven-day period ending January 11, while furniture and home decor slipped, according to a Coresight Research U..S. Consumer Tracker study.

For the week ending January 11, 6% of consumers purchased Household Appliances, as defined by Coresight, in stores versus 5.7% in the week before. The trend reversed online, as 5.8% of consumers purchased household appliances online versus 6.4% in the week before.

In the week of January 11, 5.5% of consumers purchased Furniture, Furnishings or Decorative Products for the home in store versus 8% the week before. Online, 7.2% of consumers purchased Furniture, Furnishings or Decorative Products for the home versus 8.4% the week before.

Online sales topped brick-and-mortar sales in the Coresights furniture and home decor categories for each of the eight weeks covered in the study, including that of January 11, except one, the first, ending November 24, when 12.4% of consumers purchased in store and 9.6% online. The biggest week of the eight was the next, ended December 1, when online 11.6% of consumers made online purchases of furniture and home decor and 11.3% of consumers made in-store purchases. That same week was tops for Household Appliances purchasing, when 10.2% of consumers bought in stores and 17.9% online.

In the eight weeks, in-store purchasing only beat online in the week ended January 11.

Source:Home World Business

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