MOODMOON by Sebastian Hepting for ingomaurergmbh
Light and colour have a significant effect not only on the visual, but also on the biological and emotional well-being of people. MOODMOON is a decorative wall lamp that combines innovation and tradition in the interplay of LED technology and Japanese paper. Via an app, users can choose from 14 different lighting moods and colour gradients and change the atmosphere of a room according to their own sensibilities. In this way, the MOODMOON moods, which are partly static and partly moving, can be adapted to personal needs.
The designer Sebastian Hepting, who has been part of the Ingo Maurer team for 17 years, developed the idea for the MOODMOON luminaire in times of the Lockdown 2020, in which the home is used for different purposes – from work to homeschooling and place of relaxation – and the demands on light are very versatile. MOODMOON focuses on the individual well-being of people and thus reflects the concept of Human Centric Lighting

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