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Outdoor Furniture,Sunshade & Leisure

lTheme: Revitalize

lExhibition Overview and Focus:

Marked as the largest gathering in Asia, this exhibition boasts an extensive array of categories and a diverse spectrum of brands within the soft furnishing realm. In 2024, it relocates to Exhibition Area D within the Canton Fair Complex, with significant enhancements in infrastructure, overall scale, and quality. This shift aims to maximize the geographical advantage, fostering greater collaboration and resource sharing amid the broader landscape of the China International Furniture Fair. Spanning 85,000 m2 with the participation of 700 enterprises, it stands as the premier global platform for streamlined procurement of soft furnishing essentials for homes.

Key Highlights:

(1) Comprehensive Range of Products Covering Every Aspect of Soft Furnishing Needs:

Decorative Elements: Encompassing a wide spectrum including overall soft furnishing setups, lighting fixtures, smart illumination solutions, decorative artworks, installations, crafts, ceramics, glassware, floral arrangements, sculptures, vintage phonographs, timepieces, water features, unique gifts, cultural artifacts, aromatherapy products, compact furniture, and classical home essentials.

Home Textile Offerings: Featuring an array such as carpets, bedding, cushions, curtains, sofas, leather items, and more.

(2) Elevated Brand Lineup: The exhibition proudly showcases top-tier fabric brands and industry leaders like HIGOLD, ALMA, Artie, EVER GAINING,ShengWei,Gardenart,DERRY,MeiYaXin,VINEKO,Couture,DG,Mindo, among others.

(3) Unveiling New Products and Setting Trends:

The establishment of the Life Aesthetic Design Pavilion will spotlight present and future lifestyle aesthetics, showcasing life designs from diverse perspectives, and exploring novel approaches to living.

Introduction of the Soft Furnishing Brand Pavilion will host the highest concentration of brands, displaying avant-garde trends in Chinese soft furnishing, offering a comprehensive repository of materials for the industry.

Curating special exhibits such as OK Life Expo and the China Soft Furnishing Conference will focus on life aesthetics, gathering the latest and most trendsetting soft furnishing design concepts, leading in immersive exhibition experiences and intellectual exchanges. This initiative will guide the aesthetics of soft furnishing living while exploring forthcoming industry trends. 

Homedecor & Hometexile

l Theme: Blossoming

l Exhibition Overview and Focus:

Positioned as the global leader, the largest in Asia, and the top in the country, CIFF is dedicated to outdoor home furniture, setting unparalleled industry standards. Relocated to the 1/F of Exhibition Area B, the Canton Fair Complex in 2024, the updated area sprawls across a vast 55,000+ m2 and houses over 300 exhibitors. Distinguished brands like Global Views, FH&HOME, FLOLENCO,auratic, FULI,COLOR WHEEL,A&B Home, MARSDEN,Crystal,Mega,Lumax,D·SKY,M&Sense,SANLOREN,Y will all shine at the event with below top attractions:

1. Offering a comprehensive range of outdoor living solutions, creating the ultimate ecosystem for “Outdoor Living” which includes a diverse array of outdoor furniture, sunshade systems, additional accessories, garden embellishments, grills, fireplaces, camping essentials, and much more.

2. Three primary segments that cater to diverse visions and needs in outdoor living and leisure.

Exhibitions on high-end design, brand globalization, and trends (12.1-13.1)

Showcases featuring auxiliary accessories, sunshade furniture, and innovative materials (9.1)

Displays of complementary furniture, embracing sunny lifestyles, and inspired materials (10.1-11.1)

3. Thematic exhibitions, interactive forums, and trend-setting engagements.

Experience the “Outdoor Home” thematic display.

A must-visit for designers, dealers, and international traders:

12.1-13.1: Essential for designers, dealers, and international traders

9.1-11.1: Essential for dealers, outdoor material selection, and international traders

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