“Design Shanghai TALENTS 2023” will be launching a “new” edition from June 8th to 11th at the Shanghai Pudong World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center! This year marks the tenth anniversary of Design Shanghai’s journey. Over the past decade, Design Shanghai has consistently showcased pioneering works from domestic and international design brands to global audiences, providing a unique platform for communication and trade. It has facilitated the establishment of long-term business relationships between brands and Asia’s most influential architects, interior designers, real estate developers, procurement managers, and private buyers. Design Shanghai has broken new ground in the evolving Asian design industry, setting an industry benchmark.

The “TALENTS” exhibition area originated from the background and resources of Design Shanghai and garnered industry attention when it was first introduced in 2020. “TALENTS” actively encourages self-expression and self-development of young designers, showcasing the diverse design voices of China’s new generation. In order to better support the growth of contemporary young designers and gradually complete the design ecosystem, “TALENTS” focuses on the differences in the design field between China and developed economies. It upholds the brand value of designing with a focus on “people” and provides young designers with professional career guidance.

Building on the success of the previous two editions of “TALENTS,” the 2023 edition will continue to invite Frank Chou, the designer and founder of FRANK CHOU DESIGN STUDIO, as the curator. The event will utilize the form of a “banquet,” a social gathering that is customary and represents unique expressions of “China relations.” Through a seated circle setting, the event aims to inspire creative works and discussions that deeply represent the modern attributes of China.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Design Shanghai, the “TALENTS” exhibition area has undergone a comprehensive brand upgrade through the joint efforts of Design Shanghai, curator Frank Chou, and graphic designer Zhong Yi. The overall logo of TALENTS combines a graphic element with the typography of the word “TALENTS.” The graphic element resembles a “#” symbol, formed by intertwining the initials “T,” symbolizing TALENTS’ mission to help young designers grow faster and better by gathering and connecting designers with industry, academia, and research resources, and establishing and improving a design ecosystem based on the current situation in China. The typography is based on a simple and strongly industrial geometric sans-serif font while transforming the sharp uppercase “A” into a more calligraphic lowercase “a.” These details aim to better represent our expectations for future design with a sense of warmth and a more humanistic attitude.

The 2023 edition of Design Shanghai “TALENTS” has selected 22 groups/individuals as TALENTS through a strict admission mechanism, including 6 groups of past participants, 16 groups of first-time participants, and 1 group of overseas participants. The selection process fully considers young creators from multiple fields, including commercial design, art design, and conceptual design.

To help TALENTS expand the boundaries of design and explore market needs, the 2023 “TALENTS” has invited seven industry professionals—Aldo Cibic, Chi Wing Lo, Shen Baohong, Jamy Yang, Cao Feng, Zhu Hui, and Wang Xu—to form a strong mentorship team. They will provide young designers with more professional and effective career guidance, with a deeper focus on designing for people. Additionally, the 2023 “TALENTS” has introduced an award category for the first time, evaluating from four dimensions: “Best Theme Design,” “Best Commercial Product Design,” “Best Experimental Product Design,” and “Best Art Product Design.” Over twenty professional media representatives have been invited to the exhibition site to vote for the “Most Media Attention Award.” The winners will be announced and awarded in the “TALENTS” exhibition area on the morning of June 9th. The establishment of these awards aims to explore the potential and prospects of designers through their works.

Furthermore, Design Shanghai will continue to create various supporting design activities and workshops during and after the exhibition, promoting communication and collaboration between young designers and the design industry. It aims not only to communicate and promote in a language understandable to the market but also to actively facilitate dialogue and cooperation between young designers and the design industry, providing comprehensive support to each Talent.

Seated in a circle, engaging in dialogue with the industry;
Exploring the boundaries of design, investigating market needs;
Empowering young design talent, perfecting China’s design ecosystem;
Focusing design on people, making “you” become “a better you”!

List of 2023 TALENTS Mentors:

Aldo Cibic
Founder of Cibicworkshop; Honorary Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai

Chi Wing Lo
World-renowned Chinese designer, architect, and sculptor;

Shen Baohong
Well-known domestic furniture designer;
Founder of U+ Design

Jamy Yang
Founder of YANG DESIGN
Forbes China’s most influential industrial designer

Cao Feng
Aesthetic communicator, design collector;
Founder of “Back to the 20th Century” classic design concept store

Zhu Hui
Founder of ziinlife

Wang Xu
Senior creative, media person;
Former Editor-in-Chief of “ELLE DECORATION China” (2003-2009) and ” AD China” (2010-2019)

About Design Shanghai

Design Shanghai emerged in 2014, showcasing the power of design to domestic audiences for the first time. Over the past ten years, Design Shanghai has continuously presented pioneering works from domestic and international design brands to global audiences, providing a unique platform for communication and trade. It has helped brands establish long-term business relationships with Asia’s most influential architects, interior designers, real estate developers, procurement managers, and private buyers. Design Shanghai has been instrumental in the evolution of the Asian design industry and has become an industry benchmark.

About the Curator

Frank Chou, product designer, curator;

Recipient of multiple international designer awards, the first mainland Chinese designer to collaborate with Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades. Additionally, he serves as the regional curator for “TALENTS” at Design Shanghai and is a co-founder of the “Create Cures” exhibition.

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