Mimic Moth from Arte and Moooi

Arte and Moooi are launching a luxurious new wallcovering collection next year inspired by extinct animals that celebrate life, love and happiness. The Mimic Moth collection (shown here) is a nod to this now-extinct moth, which fluttered both day and night, unlike most other moths that are nocturnal. The embossed design shows mimic moths around their favourite flowers. Although this collection will not be on the market until 2022, Arte wallpaper is currently available from Arte del Lusso in San Pedro de Alcántara (www. artedellusso.es), Alison Design Studio in Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana 73 in Nueva Andalucía (www.alisonbethellcollins.com) and Mandrágora in Urb. La Cancela de La Quinta on the Ronda Road (www. mandragoradecoracion.com)

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