Wayfair uses search data to identify new trends

Home furnishings retailer Wayfair has dug into the search data from its site to determine several trends that are occurring as life gets back to normal after the pandemic.

The trends include outdoor spaces that can be used during all seasons, creating flexible and adaptable indoor spaces, promoting biophilic design using greenery, and focusing on cleanliness.

“This past year has taught us how valuable time spent in nature is, but depending on where you live, the weather may cut that time short,” said Lindsey Zborowski, Wayfair design manager. “This trend is about thoughtfully layering in pieces that help keep outdoor spaces in use year-round, regardless of what the forecast says.”

Searches for picnic tables were up 82%, and inquiries for outdoor privacy panels have nearly doubled over the past year.

With regards to adaptable spaces, height adjustable desks are up 92%, and people looking for “Murphy Bed with a Desk” went up by 157%.

“As travel picks back up, short-term rentals need to adjust to accommodate guests looking to work remotely,” said Katie Flores, Wayfair professional general manager of accommodations. “Adding sleeper sofas to accommodate families or Murphy beds that become desks when not in use will ensure your property is attractive to all travelers.”

Wayfair statistics also show that consumers want to bring nature indoors with searches for natural fiber rugs up 43% and searches for teak patio furniture up by 62%.

“Biophilic design – the concept of connecting spaces with nature – is being embraced across industries. Natural materials and greenery, even faux, make a huge impact and create a rejuvenating space,” said Rebecca Breslin. “It can be as simple as adding a few plants within each room or replacing surfaces with wood or stone. No change is too small.”

Consumers are also looking for how to meet health and safety standards without sacrificing how the space functions with an 82% increase in touchless faucets and air purifiers.

“While some aspects of life will return to how they used to be, there are certain safety and cleanliness standards that will definitely stick around,” said Laura Cooper, Wayfair professional general manager of foodservice.

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