Planner5D launches automatic floor plan recognition

Planner5D, a home design tool that allows users to create floor plans and interior designs has now launched automatic floor plan recognition for its 13 million Apple users.

The new plan recognition feature allows Apple iOS users to download the scan of their floorplan to the app, and it will turn automatically turn it into a digital plan.

For example, users can upload an image, blueprints, hand-drawn plans or any digital file of their floor plan, click a button and the tool will recognize walls, objects, doors and windows to create an interactive 3D floor plan.

The technology is powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence, and this new feature renders the files into fully furnished designs, taking into account the room type and existing items.

The company plans to make the technology available to Android users in the future.

Planner 5D has more than 66 million users worldwide who have designed more than 80 million projects including home renovation, interior design updates and choosing new furniture from its catalog of more than 6,000 items.

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