Huang Quan x TURRI 2021 Collection

The Pinnacle Collection embodies its own inspiration: to explain the concept of “climax and culmination”, idealized through the Chinese expression Zhēng’Róng. Turri – a custodian of Italian craftsmanship; honours the spirit inside natural landscapes – typical of traditional Eastern paintings. These paintings often depict mountains or steep, rugged landscapes surrounded by water; which metaphorically evokes a moral standing to strive for greatness – an approach to life, deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

Relentless commitment and the desire to always broaden one’s horizons; is what raises the human soul to it’s peak – thus surrounding one with an extraordinary and authoritative aura. Notwithstanding the fact that in Eastern art and philosophy; grandeur must always be balanced by grace and simplicity. Naturally in mountainous landscapes, the gentler slopes and streams; harmonize with the highest peaks.

「 Pinnacle 」

A collection full of symbols and meanings, masterfully executed in every detail. Nature’s mountains inspire the shapes – evident in the sculptural forms and slender lines. A rhythm of bold and vigorous strokes, soothed by others that are softer and more circular. Even the selection of Pinnacle’s materials are symbolic of this natural landscape – the marble is a clear reference to the rocks; whilst the combination of walnut wood and leather, expound upon the balance between grandeur and grace.

Pinnacle becomes a synthesis between different cultures. Table, chairs, sideboard and vitrine designed by Huang Quan are an identity statement. With their sinuous lines, sometimes more rugged, sometimes more slender; these new furnishing accessories reveal the expression of a modern aesthetic with a prime materials sensibility and an attention to workmanship. Turri represents a Pinnacle also – a guardian of great manufacturing tradition; creating extraordinary results through committed, bespoke-design capabilities. In this sense, the Pinnacle Collection is a synthesis between different cultures; the Eastern one – philosophical and conceptual and the Western one – real and physical.

/ table /

cm 240x110x73h

The image of the mountains and nature inspires the shapes of the Pinnacle collection, with evident references in the sculptural base of the table. The top is available in the marble or natural wood version.

/ chair /

cm 58x63x77h

The Pinnacle chair has vigorous strokes, clearly evident in the wooden structure, soothed by others that are softer and more circular such as in the enveloping back. The chair could be covered in leather or fabric.

/ sideboard /

cm 221x54x90h

Pinnacle is a collection full of symbols and meanings, masterfully expressed in every detail. The Pinnacle sideboard is equipped with internal LED lighting and is available with wooden or marble top.

/ vitrine /

cm 101x53x118h

The steep sections of the wooden structures soothed by others that are more circular such as in the curved sides of the Pinnacle vitrine. Metal details are like small points of light that highlight the shapes.

The careful craftsmanship tells the commitments and ingenuity necessary to achieve an extraordinary result, and so in this sense Pinnacle becomes a synthesis between different cultures: the eastern one, philosophical and conceptual, and that of the Italian design of Turri, guardian of a great manufacturing tradition.

Since 1925, the first pieces of furniture to leave Pietro Turri’s shop were immediately identified for their quality. Three words, then as today, reassume the Turri philosophy: original, authentic, unique. These are the values that permeate all products: from individual pieces to comprehensive interior decoration projects.

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