British giant department store Liberty joins hands with Secoo to launch its first exhibition in China

British giant department store Liberty has joined hands with Secoo to launch a two-week offline immersion exhibition, which is also Liberty’s first exhibition in China. Liberty, founded in 1875, is the world’s third largest department store on Regent Street in the heart of London. Liberty creates classic bags, pajamas, scarves, soft furniture, and has collaborated with Hermes, Gucci, The North Face and many other famous brands.

In 2018, Liberty struck an exclusive partnership with Seco to open Liberty’s flagship store on Secoo website. The aim of this collaboration is to show the consumers with a full range of British life experiences through a combined online and physical exhibition. The immersive exhibition is divided into two parts: Liberty’s heritage and home space, which includes the backpacks, pajamas, stationery and fabrics. Liberty’s History and Culture are introduced into the Chinese market for the first time, showing its 146 years history and evolution.

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